AI Optics Vision Screener

Detect early signs of refractive disorders such as myopia, retinopathy, hyperopia, and astigmatism. With just a push of a button.The future of optic image processing is here.

Super intelligent eye screener. With super powerful AI.

AI-Optic combines infrared photorefraction with the Deep Learning Algorithm of Artificial Intelligence. Taking eye scans to a whole new level.

Maximum precision.200% more accurate.

Artificial Intelligence makes AI-Optic the most accurate handheld autorefractor on the planet. Twice as precise when compared to other handheld vision screeners. Capable of measuring up to desktop devices.

Minimum price.Pay 90% less.

AI completely redefines what an eye screener is and how it is manufactured, reducing production costs dramatically. Our AI eye screener costs 90% less than other handheld vision screeners.

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