Edusoft Healthcare offers an exceptional selection of advanced X-ray machines at competitive prices. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge medical technology ensures that we provide top-notch X-Ray solutions tailored to healthcare professionals' needs. Our extensive range of X-ray machines includes portable x-ray, digital x-ray, and fixed x-ray options, among others. With multiple choices available, you can conveniently purchase high-quality X-ray machines for hospitals or clinics at affordable prices. If you're exploring your options, our dedicated team is here to guide you in selecting the perfect x-ray machine to meet your requirements. Elevate patient care and improve diagnostic accuracy by shopping with us today.


X-ray Machines are vital medical devices that use X-ray technology to obtain accurate images of interior human body components. These sophisticated technologies serve an important role in diagnostic imaging, allowing healthcare practitioners to acquire detailed visualizations of the body's interior organs and tissues without intrusive treatments. These devices create contrasted images by sending X-rays through the body and detecting the varied degrees of X-ray absorption by different tissues. This procedure delivers the clarity and precision required for precise diagnosis and treatment planning.

Portable X-Ray Machine

The ERAY SMART SERIES is a high-frequency digital mobile X-ray machine that is made for both human and veterinary application.

Digital Portable X-Ray machine

The ERAY SMART 6i X-Ray machine is a compact and lightweight device that delivers top-notch medical imaging results..

Fixed X-Ray Machine

The ERAY RAD Series is a high-performance, fixed x-ray system suitable for a wide range of clinical applications in human..

Digital X-Ray Machine

Edusoft's latest offering, the ERAY SMART ECO DR Series, provides cost-effective and high-quality X-ray solutions..

Edusoft specializes in various types of X-ray machines:

  1. Mobile X-Ray Machines: They are compact and versatile machines specifically designed for on-site imaging. Their advanced features and portability allow for reliable diagnosis at the patients' location, ensuring timely and accurate results.
  2. Fixed X-Ray Machines: They are widely used in hospitals and clinics for capturing high-resolution internal images of the body to facilitate accurate diagnosis. These machines are commonly found and employed for imaging areas such as the chest and abdomen, playing a crucial role in medical examinations.
  3. Handheld Portable X-Ray Machines: These lightweight and compact machines enable healthcare providers to do X-rays at the patient's bedside or in remote areas. They ensure precise and efficient diagnostic capabilities while improving patient care due to improved features and ease of use.
  4. Digital Radiography System: A modern imaging device that produces high-resolution X-ray images while exposing patients to less radiation. It’s simple interface allows healthcare practitioners to its simple interface, healthcare practitioners can quickly record and analyze images, allowing for precise diagnosis and treatment planning.
  5. Computed Radiography System: It enables the digital capture of X-ray images. By converting traditional X-ray films into digital format, it facilitates seamless storage and sharing of patient data, simplifying the diagnostic process. With this advanced technology, healthcare professionals can efficiently access and analyze images, leading to more effective diagnosis and treatment decisions.

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Reasons why you should choose Edusoft to buy X-Ray machines?

Edusoft Healthcare offers a range of features and benefits that enhance the diagnostic process and improve patient care. Some of the key features and benefits include:

High-quality imaging

Edusoft X-ray machines are equipped with advanced technology that delivers high-resolution images, ensuring excellent image quality for accurate diagnosis.

User-friendly interface

The machines are designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making them easy to operate for healthcare professionals.

Efficient workflow

Our machines streamline the imaging process with features like automated positioning, exposure control, and image processing. This helps save time and improves productivity in healthcare settings.

Digital integration

The machines seamlessly integrate with healthcare information systems, enabling digital storage, retrieval, and sharing of patient data. This enhances collaboration among healthcare providers and facilitates efficient data management.

Radiation dose optimization

The machines are designed to prioritize patient safety by optimizing radiation dose levels while maintaining image quality. This helps minimize radiation exposure for patients and healthcare professionals.

Mobility and portability

Edusoft offers mobile and portable X-ray machines, providing flexibility to perform imaging exams at the patient's bedside or in remote locations. This enhances convenience and accessibility in various healthcare settings.

Support and service

Edusoft provides comprehensive support and service for their X-ray machines, including maintenance, training, and technical assistance. This ensures smooth operation and reliability of the equipment.

Overall, Edusoft X-ray machines offer advanced features and benefits that contribute to accurate diagnoses, efficient workflow, improved patient safety, and enhanced collaboration in healthcare settings.

Buy an X-Ray machine at a reasonable price from Edusoft Healthcare. Our extensive range of products ensures the most affordable prices for clinics and hospitals. With a commitment to premium quality and unwavering customer support, we are the trusted choice for medical professionals. Explore our FAQ section for guidance in selecting the right X-Ray machine that meets your specific requirements and budget.