Portable (Hand Held) X-Ray

Fast, Safe, Reliable & Digitally Compact

The ERAY SMART-5HS is a portable X-ray machine that is designed for use in a variety of settings, including emergency rooms, urgent care centres, natural disaster sites, patient’s home or in elder care facilities and even for combined use at clinics. It offers faster imaging owing to its portable design which makes it simple to transport to various locations.

  • Portability: The ERAY SMART-5HS is a portable X-ray machine weighs only 3.5kgs, making it easy to transport and use.
  • Easy Mounting: The ERAY SMART-5HS lightness and good usage makes it easy to mount on a support stand in a simpler manner.
  • High-quality images: The ERAY SMART-5HS uses a digital detector, which provides high-quality images that can be stored and shared electronically.
  • Battery Life: The built-in lithium polymer battery enables it to operate without electricity in conditions where there is no electricity. They can capture up to 100 images* on a single charge.
  • User friendly button layout: Buttons located on both sides, makes the machine user friendly, enabling users to operate the equipment with one finger.
  • Highly Durable LED light source: LEDs give a long lasting display and make the control screen easy to comprehend.

Overall, the ERAY SMART-5HS is a versatile and easy-to-use portable X-ray machine that is ideal for use in a variety of settings.

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