TRIMAX Digital X-Ray Films

TRIMAX Laser Imaging Film is formulated specifically for TRIMAX laser imagers and delivers superb images with lower noise, better density uniformity, and greater visibility of subtle detail – to enhance your diagnostic confidence.

  • Compatible with our current product portfolio of TRIMAX Laser Imagers.
  • Offers a long shelf life and quick daylight loading.
  • Available in multiple film sizes: 14 x 17-in. (35 x 43-cm), 14 x 14-in. (35 x 35-cm), 11 x 14-in. (28 x 35-cm), 10 x 12-in. (25 x 30-cm), and 8 x 10-in. (20 x 25-cm) sizes.
  • Saves time with easy cartridge loading in full room light —no bag cutting or disposal.
  • Requires no wet film processor.
  • Long shelf life streamlines inventory control and reduces purchasing frequency.
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